poz*designs are based on paper cut art to create artisan handmade graphics for wallpapers, wall graphics, art prints, art panels, textile and paper patterns for hospitality, commercial, and residental establishments.

Drawing With A Knife

poz* – is the artist tag and signature of german born illustrator, graphic designer, professor and paper-cut artist Peter O. Zierlein. His client list includes AUDI,The New York Times and other major national and international publications, interior designers, architects and anyone looking for unique and affordable works of art to decorate their walls.

“I draw with a knife” poz* says of his technique cutting organic and round shapes but also angular and sharp forms out of paper. The imagery may represent flowers, leaves, birds, organic decorative natural forms and abstract angular shapes, often symmetrical. He scans and collages those shapes to create beautiful and peaceful art prints, wall graphics, wallpapers and other custom products.



“We are a small healthcare business in Western MA looking to reinvigorate our office environment. We engaged Mr. Peter Zierlein, as his patterned cut outs offered the perfect je ne sais quo of what we were looking for: colorful, with just the right amount of flamboyance, flash, reference to modernism, repetition, to create a sense of both abundance and order in our everyday workplace. His cut outs are marked by grace and proportion, a reverence for beauty. They enjoy a broad appeal. Likewise, Peter is a pleasure to work with, always contributing insight and competence to the logistics, questions involving scale, color, arrangement and framing, how to integrate his ensemble into the space. He delivers a high level of client-based service from creative brainstorming to focusing to on minute details. He is a perfectionist!”

– Valley Dentists of Belchertown

“As a busy pediatrician, it is important to keep my patients and their families happy and calm.  POZ art creates a sense of serenity among my patients in our upscale, Park Avenue reception area. I own three POZ pieces and officially now consider myself a collector. Look forward to adding more to my collection in the near future. “

– Dr. Rappaport, Manhattan, NYC, Pediatrician

Being an avid lover of all things beautiful, unusual and hand-crafted, I have adorned my home with pieces that I am attracted to and love!  I have in my collection a few pieces done by POZ, but my favorite is a paper-cut of an owl that I couldn’t stop staring at….the intricacy of it amazed me!  I am also intrigued by the level of patience that it takes to perfect such an art and POZ’s works embody both, patience and beauty!

– Patricia Rockwell Weiss, Jewelry Designer

“As an art collector, I wanted to own POZ art to add to my collection. Dealing with him was seamless and smooth. The prints came personally signed and in a timely fashion. POZ art is soothing, calm, interesting, colorful and an overall joy to look at. It is versatile to hang in a variety of venues. I personally have chosen to start collecting POZ as I know it will be extremely valuable in years to come.”

– Stacy Hope Herman, Art Collector